What we drop in the pot of ideas of our collective mind?

Andrei Criulean
3 min readOct 28, 2022


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After listening to Daniel Schmachtenberger and Nate Hagens, reading some of Daniel Christian Wahl’s materials and just scrolling my feed on Linkedin I was starting to feel some axiety and at the same time hope, but then I thought…

Thought and language go hand in hand, we think with the language we have. And what thoughts (language) we feed into our minds that is what we will speak about. This is the result of our ability for abstraction, imagination, symbolic reasoning, which is unique about us. Nothing new so far…

The thing is that we imagine a lot of things. And imagination is not reality. And then we listen to each other’s imagination, and we want to know the “truth”.

One thing we can be sure about, is that we are deeply confused in our minds. Because our thoughts are very abstract elaborations and mixtures of our imaginations and there is little realness to them.
And as we combined our imaginations, we elaborated a shared fantasy in our minds and now we live in it, making it more and more complex as more and more people share their share of imagination to the pot of ideas of our collective mind.

Now, the danger is when someone is very fixated on some ideas (which are not even his or hers, for the reasons mentioned above) and wants to spread them and materialize them across our collective mind and then the physical world, because of the attachment, and passion he/she has for them.

Because thoughts, language and ideas have emotions attached to them, we cannot think a thing and have no emotion attached to it. And as our thoughts change, our emotions change, and our breathing patterns change as well, accordingly our whole physiology changes. So basically, all our body responds to what we think. (unless we are in a meditative state, but in that case, we don’t think, we allow the thoughts to flow, as we are not pursuing any line of inquiry, we just observe them as they appear and go. In the sense that we are not enmeshed in them, we are distanced from them).

Now imagine if you start to speak to someone, and they start to think some of your thoughts and feel some of your emotions and start to breathe in same pattern as you do, the result is great rapport, but also may make them feel more serene or more tense.

So what kind of thoughts are you feeding to our collective mind? Do you really want to think those thoughts, to feel those emotions, to have that physiology? How about some generous and compassionate, kind and beautiful words for our loving hearts?

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With gratitude, Andrei Criulean